The recent world record in Powerlifting will be challenged again

The North American Brandon Conley will try to beat the world record in Powerlifting: 60 repetitions with more than 100 kilos.

The Powerlifting will return with its traditional championship organized by the Spanish Association (AEP) and recognized by the International Federation (IPF), which brings together many of the best European and national specialists.

This year, the great novelty will also be in the main bodybuilding stage where the North American Brandon Conley will try to beat his own world record: perform 61 or 62 repetitions of Press Bench with 102 kilos (225 pounds), after having achieved 60 repetitions, on July 14 at Baltimore Grand Prix & Fitness Expo, USA. A challenge sponsored by the company ABN – leader in nutrition products for athletes – which returns to repeat presence at the Arnold Expo to present its novelties.