The Fenix Games, Sonny Webster’s seminar

Sonny Webster, the young British Olympic athlete in Rio 2016, with more than 13 years of experience in weightlifting beeing only 24 years old, who holds records of 160Kgs in snatch and 195kgs in Clean and Jerk, comes to the Arnold Classic 2018 for a unique seminars under the Lacertosus sponsorshipment, the Italian brand of sports equipment.

Arnold Classic Europe 2018 will organize a three days seminary with limited places for weightlifting and functional training lovers who want to improve and learn from the experience of an Olympic athlete.

It is focused on all levels since the technique will be treated from a basic level in order to correct the fundamental principles of the survey: snatch and Clean & Jerk.

The seminars are 1 day long, divided into several sessions:

  • Mobility session for weightlifting
  • Weightlifting, snatch and clean & Jerk technique
  • Informal talk with questions round towards Sonny W.
  • Demonstration and practice where the athlete will demonstrate different variations of both movements.
  • Session “Max Out” final session of 1h. 30 min. In which they will put into practice what they have learned looking for the best lifts of the day.
The seminars will be held on days 28th, 29th and 30th and have only 30 places per day, to get yours, send an email to

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