Sports nutrition at the ACE, Bolero Drinks

Sports nutrition at the ACE, Bolero Drinks

The nutrition section is very important for the ACE. This year we have the presence of Bebidas Bolero. A company that turns five years in Spain.

Beverages Bolero offers a solution that adds flavor to the water to ease your hydration, with active ingredients, without sugar, low content of calories and carbohydrates, gluten and vitamin C.

They offer 58 flavors and if it doesn´t seem enough, they celebrate our 5 years with the launching of 6 new flavors: pannacotta, cinnamon, lemon cake, vanilla, yogurt with orange and carrot as so, they add to their menu an incredible range of 64 flavors.

In Bolero they know how important it is to be hydrated, that’s why they make it easy for you. Haven´t you tried yet? let yourself be seduced by instant bolero drinks, an explosion of zero sugar flavor.

You can get more information on their website, they wait for you in the stand D9

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