Raúl Carrasco – Seminar for Oss Formation

Raul Carrasco is a leader in the bodybuilding sector and an example to follow for his perseverance, effort and spirit of improvement. Profiles like his provide great value to training that aims to combine one’s professional experience with theoretical knowledge. It is for this reason that from Oss Training they are convinced that the assistants to this seminar will get very good knowledge, but also the experience of talking to the athlete who has been champion of absolute Spain and who has participated in the most important competitions in the world.

The seminar given by Raúl Carrasco will take place at the Oss Fitness headquarters in Jaén on Saturday, December 15.

In this seminar attendees will acquire knowledge about autophagy and longevity in sports, strategic training and supplementation in the anaerobic sport of strength and hypertrophy. In addition, they can ask questions and learn firsthand, and that’s how Raul Carrasco can transmit to them.

Registration here: https://ossfitness.com/formation/seminar-con-raul-carrasco/