We are pleased to present the Arnold Classic Europe IFBB Elite Pro Show 2019. This is the Professional Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship that will be held at FIRA GRAN VÍA in Barcelona on Saturday, September 21, semifinals at 17h and finals at 19h, where we will enjoy of one of the best competitors athletes in the world. Also we will present a great stage and the best atmosphere, always counting with the presence of the charismatic Arnold Schwarzenegger and the president of the IFBB, Dr. Rafael Santonja.

Winners ACE 2019

Bodybulding – Michal Krizanek

Classique Physique – Serhii-Danilets

Men’s Physique – Abies-Nosa

Bikini Fitness – Yana-Kuznetsova

Women’s Fitness – Oksana-Orobets

Athletes ACE 2019