Ondrej Kmostak won the Professional Men’s Physique Championship

The athlete Ondrej Mostak was crowned as champion of the first Professional Men’s Physique Championship in the history of the Arnold Classic Europe, as part of the successful Pro Show.

The czech perfectly complied with all requirements stipulated by the judges, who found in their presentation the best of the night in the men’s swimwear competition.

These were the final results:

1.- Ondrej Kmostak

2.- Robin Balogh

3.- Kim Angel

4.- Alexandros Staboulis

5.- Andrea Mosti

6.- Adriano Moreno

7.- Dennis Johansen

8.- Maxime Parisi

9.- Nelson Rodrigues

10.- Juan Faro

11.- Francesco Montuori

12.- Kenneth Guevara

13.- Alexis Gonzalez

14.- Mario Hervas

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