The first thing that perhaps you will ask yourself is, what is exactly twirling? And the answer is very simple, it is a sport.

Twirling in a sport that consist of executing dancing and rhythmic gymnastics exercises, while juggling with one or more canes.

It is an evolution from the majorettes. The majorettes were girls that made military parades with fantasy uniforms, while juggling with canes and with music bands.

However, the main difference between twirling and the majorettes is that twirling is a sport, and therefore they use sport clothes and not uniforms!

This sport comes from the US and is very popular around the world. It has a long tradition in Catalunya. In Spain, it is still growing and in Catalunya there are already 30 clubs, and most of them are associated to the FECT (Federacion Catalana de Twerling / Catalan Twerling Federation)

The FECT is a non-profit organization that is officially recognised by the Generalitat de Catalunya as the only sport federation that can regulate the sport of twirling in Catalunya.

The FECT  promotes twirling with the intention of promoting healthy and sporty competitions, team work, fellowship and equality. Twerling is an sport where there is no gender distinctions, language, colour, sexual orientation or any other type of discrimination. Last for not least, Twerling can help us to build athletes will strong moral values that will shape the future of our planet.

Rubén Pueyo


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