Arnold Classic Europe has the honor of presenting the biggest Strongman Championship in Spain !!! Undoubtedly, it has been committed strongly to the extreme force sport known as Strongman. It gathers the best amateur athletes worldwide, with several competitive and spectacular trials, the environment will be wrapped in adrenaline.
You will be able to enjoy athletes who are capable of moving unimaginable weights for any human, after that, the main course will be served with the world´s best professionals championship. Everybody is getting ready to achieve this prestigious winner title of the STRONGMAN ARNOLD CLASSIC EUROPE 2019 and no rival will make it easy.
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Arnold Classic Europe 2018 Classification


  • Log Clean and press 180 kilos 400 pounds
  • Yoke walk 455 kilos – 1003 #
  • Frame Carry 400 kilos – 880 pounds
  • Deadlift 365 kilos 805 pounds
  • Arm over arm frame pull – weight TBD

Confirmed Athletes Edition 2018


    1. Super Yoke                  360Kg  /  25m
    2. Farmer Carry              115Kg  / 25m per hand
    3. 12 Inch log                  105Kg  /  1min /rep.
    4. Atlas Stone                  150Kg / 1,30m/rep 1.30min
    5. Deadlift                        200Kg / 1,00min
    1. Super Yoke                   400Kg /  25m
    2. Farmer Carry               125Kg  / 25m
    3. 12″ Log                          125Kg  /  1min /rep.
    4. Atlas Stone                   165Kg / 1,30m/rep 1.50min
    5. DEAD lift                      300Kg / 1,00min
    1. Super Yoke                   225Kg / 20m
    2. FARMER Carry           80Kg / 20m
    3. DEAD Lift                    185Kg  / 1min. rep.
    4. Atlas Stone                   110Kg / 1,30m /rep. 1,50min

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