Street lifting competition in Arnold Classic Europe 2019. For the first time in Spain, ACE will be holding an StreetLifitng competition. Street lifting is a new strength sport that consist of three attempts at maximal weight on four lifts: PullUps, Dips, MuscleUps and squats. As in Olympic weight lifting or powerlifting each lift is loaded with plates and the athlete has three attempts to perform the lift. Weighted dips and pull-ups are commonly used in calisthenics and competitions have been taking place in Eastern Europe since the 80s. But it has been in the recent years that the sport has become more popular with the creation of the International StreetLifting Federation in Russia in 2018.
This competition is organized by Wave Bars Gymnastic Club, and will be called “King and Queen of the RM II”. Spain has some of the best lifters in PullUps, recently registering 2nd place on the World pull up competition. The competition will include both male and female lifters.
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