Legion Race presents Legion Indoor Battle at Arnold Classic Europe 2019.

A short circuit full of obstacles where each individual or team participant has three attempts in time during the event to leave their best mark (all three days have qualifying schedules).

Only the eight best times of each modality will participate on Sunday in the elimination matches.

In the duels, there is no more time but the requirement to reach the goal before your opponent and move on to the next round, it can only be one.

In the category of (mixed) teams, the circuit is developed by relays, each team must integrate 4 runners, the times will be total to the two laps that the team will do, that’s half a circuit per participant, how will you place? That will already be part of the strategy of each team, at the RELAY point where your partner waits you must hit your partner’s palm without leaving the line, moving ahead earlier can ruin your lap with an overtime penalty.

The regulations are O.S.O (Mandatory Overcome Obstacle) in elite and amateur batches.

Although there are different steps for the two elite and amateur categories, in this one much simpler but no less spectacular.

You can try as many times as necessary, unless the judge asks you to go on, in that case, you will be disqualified and that round, or it won’t be valid or you will have already lost the duel against your rival, but don’t give up till the end, in these circuits we have seen incredible comebacks, great failures and until you don’t arrive at the finish line, nothing is guaranteed!!!

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