Legion Race is an obstacle course, a pioneer in the OCR sector, and recognized on the national scene as one of the best races that can be done today. From the beginning, marking differences and being a reference in the national territory, it expands its influence to increase its firm and secure footing in this sector, where it will incorporate obstacles that could only be seen in Europe and the United States, but never in our country, and that can be proven in a new edition of Legion Race.
This test is designed to have a fun day, to surpass yourself, and to overcome any challenge we have in front of you.
A good opportunity to meet them will be in Barcelona, on September 20-21-22, having their own stand with some of its most striking obstacles in the spectacular Arnold Classic Europe 2019 at the Fira de Barcelona. There we can try various obstacles that will lead to the exhibition, and sign up with important economic advantages. Thousands of runners will do it .. See you, Legionaries!

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