The next 20th, 21st and 22nd of September 2019 will take place in the ACE, the international competition of skating Freestyle of maximum level.

This event, sponsored by the Royal Spanish Skating Federation (RFEP) and cataloged with the highest level of 3 cones by the World Slalom Series Association (WSSA), will bring to Barcelona some of the best world skaters.

The freestyle skating consists:

  • Classic Freestyle Slalom
    The skaters have 2 minutes to make slalom figures with the music they choose. They use 3 lines of cones (120 cm, 80 cm or 50 cm).
    Example: v=SP2FwBJGUXE
  • Battle Freestyle Slalom
    Groups of 3 to 4 skaters have 2 to 3 rounds of 30 seconds to perform tricks in 4 lines of cones.
    Skaters have to make many difficult figures, sometimes on a single wheel to show their best skills. The best two are qualified for the next round, and the last 2 are eliminated.
    Example: v=24j2ol2f4KM
  • Speed ​​Slalom
    In these competitions, we count the time to the skaters in 2 individual races, after this there are eliminatory confrontations between them. They have 12 m to take speed, and 20 cones spaced at intervals of 80 cm to the slalom. Each hitted cone or not skated will be penalized, winning the fastest with fewer penalties.
    Example: v=tvkgxE09Cn4
  • Freestyle Slides
    Skaters must do skidding figures or combinations of them. Some skaters glide on 1 foot or even 1 wheel, some of them use the flexibility of the body.  They will compete in groups of 3 to 4, and will have 4 skids each round. The best 2 will qualify for the next round, and the last 2 will be eliminated.
  • Jump
    Skaters have to jump over a bar. They have 2 to 3 tries per height, and the higher, The higher, the better. The best skaters jump more than 150 cm.
    Example of a jump: v=L0RLvUtZBPI

During the EXPO in the ACE we will expose all of this kind of freestyle skating. The best national and international skaters in an incredible spectacle. Not miss it!

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