Cheerleading is a sport from the United States, both mixed and feminine, that mainly combines gymnastics, acrobatics and dance, all accompanied by a very fast and moving music according to the fleeting movements of the cheerleaders. It is a very complete sport and at the same time sacrificed, and is considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world, due to its enormous difficulty and high risk in routines. This combines a series of elements that are: formations, acrobatics, mortals, jumps, movements, dance and spirit. These seven elements are the basis of a good cheer routine.

  • ARUMA Group from Les Corts School. This group was formed this past year. The Ampa of Les Corts School, has already been doing Rhythmic Gymnastics, and now with great enthusiasm we have formed this group of cheerleaders, seeking to work in a discipline in which all team members are vital and where various skills and styles of other sports modalities are combined, since each team needs a combination of bases, flyers, tumblers and dancers. This year we have been second in the Open de Catalunya. We are already forming the second team and our desire is that this activity grows and that our children and young people can enjoy the sports activity, for their body and spirit.
  • Amateur Cheerleaders of the Mollet Basketball Club (Bcn), Eba category since 2009; We mix music, dance, acrobatics and pom-poms. We carry out different activities at the school: Aro, Trapeze, Air fabrics, Pole sport, Pol dance, Funky, Hip-hop, Commercial dance and Sexy style.

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