Once again, we will feel the enormous explosion of adrenaline by athletes of arm wrestling that is back in this new edition of the Arnold Classic Europe, to show us one of the most spectacular sports and causing more excitement in the world, the arm wrestling.

The Spanish Association of Arm Wrestling offers to you the possibility of knowing this exciting sport, bringing it one more year to the great event ARNOLD CLASSIC EUROPE.

One of the more ancient tests of force of the history, “the Pulses”  reappear completely modified like a SPORT in the “Arm Wrestling” in which the first priority is not only the force, but a harmonious balance forms between skill, force and speed, which grants to this sport a spectacularunrivaled nature.

This year, In addition of the continuous exhibitions and educations of our sport to the interested parties, on Saturday, we will make the already known worldwide and spectacular vendettas, which consist in clashes to 6 fighting between several of the best fighters of arm in our country.

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