MR16, an autonomous massage system, will be presented at the Arnold Classic Europe, the biggest multisport event in the continent, to be held on September 22, 23 and 24, in Barcelona.

Sports Automassage

The autonomous massage has already been established as a fundamental tool in the recovery of the athlete, decisive for the achievement of the set goals for each athlete beyond the intensity with which they develop their routines. Pre and post workout treatments are essential to avoid injuries during physical activity and to recover the most overloaded muscles after exercise.

MR16 and its operation

The MR16 is the autonomous massage system designer by and for athletes. It is an ergonomic stick adapted to the suspension training system. This innovative system provides the user the absolute control of the depth, pace and direction of the massage. The 16 is the revolutionary system that, thanks to its characteristics, allows the athlete to adopt positions that are much more comfortable and functional than any other system of self-massage, which helps the user to find themselves always in a relaxed position, avoiding unnecessary tensions in muscles and joints. All these advantages help the athlete to perform a massage work as long as he needs it, without limitations due to inadequate postures or stress exhaustion.

This system is designed to perform a massage autonomously and get the same benefits of a sports massage. The MR16 is not only aimed at high performance athletes, it is also useful for all athletes looking for an effective method of self-massage to help them improve their physical performance. The MR16 is designed to fit the individual needs of each athlete, depending on their physical activity.

The use of the MR16 is very simple, just lean on the ergonomic stick and make it roll slowly over the chosen area. The depth of the massage can be controlled by varying the inclination since it is the body weight itself that exerts pressure on the ergonomic stick.

Benefits of Suspension Massage

– Helps to prevent injuries, overloads and muscular contractures.
– Reduces muscle pain and spasms generated by sports activity.
– Optimizes joint range amplitude as it improves muscle flexibility.
– Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
– Increases the general knowledge of your own body.
– Facilitates the elimination of toxins, residues and other metabolic byproducts.
– Accelerates recovery caused by muscle fatigue.
– Relieves trigger points (active or latent).
– Activates the blood circulation, that is why it is also a good way to combat cellulite.
– Helps relaxation and relieves stress, therefore, relaxes body and mind.