JOYBRÄU, the protein beer

JOYBRÄU, the protein beer

Another sponsor that we are proud to present at the ACE 2018 is the Joybräu Protein Beer, winner of the innovation award.

Joybräu is the first German craft beer without alcohol, rich in very high-quality proteins with a predominance of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) that has been specially formulated to provide the same benefits to the body as traditional protein shakes, but in an innovative format that improves muscle recovery and provides post-workout benefits.

The Joybräu Protein Beer allows you to reach the Fitness Nutrition 2.0. It is an absolutely natural drink, without coloring or flavoring, elaborated in Germany in a traditional way, with a patented formula that offers surprising results: all the flavor and freshness of a beer, without alcohol, with a reduced content of carbohydrates and very rich in high-quality proteins.

At the ACE, we are pleased to offer all kinds of new options for the athlete´s diet, also for regular people who just look for healthier alternatives in their usual diet.

Joybräu awaits you at booth D28, do not leave the event without having one!

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