In GYMSAILOR they try to attract the attention of people whose passion is practising any kind of sport, hence why you can find athletes of different sort of disciplines such as weight-lifting, crossfit or callisthenics among the heads of the brand.

Their commercial strategy is based on offering a top quality product to their clients. In order to achieve that, they have used a select range of stretchable and breathable fabrics to make their pieces of clothing. They are very pleasant to touch and they allow the athlete who is wearing them to enjoy comfort during the moves and whiles weating.

Within the range of products that we can find on their website you can find pieces of clothing both for men and women with designs made for practising sports but still modern, innovative and anatomical that allow the athletes to highlight their figure day to day.

They are aware that only having presence online makes it more difficult to appreciate all the virtues of their products for their potential clients, hence why they have decided to be present at the Arnold Classic 2019 so that everybody can go to their stand to try and check that their clothes offer the values that they promote.