Great success of assistance in the latest edition of the Arnold Classic Europe.

The eighth edition of Arnold Classic Europe closes its doors with a great success of audience and participating brands. More than 50,000 people have attended this event that was lived during this weekend in Fira Gran Vía, Barcelona.

The pavilion of the Expo has hosted more than 150 brands. With its spectacular stands have filled the pavilion with the most innovative products within the field of machinery, sportswear and healthy lifestyle.

Last Friday, the 28th, was in an unforgettable moment for the city of Barcelona, Arnold Schwarzenegger, went to the metro station Fira, where there are sports activities and sports entertainment. Then the charismatic actor moved on the subway to the Fira Europa station, leaving all the travelers who were at that moment into the train, perplexed. You can find more information about this action by clicking here.

Arnold gave a press conference too, for the media in which he highlighted the importance of staying active by saying: “Do something every day. Do not sit on the couch to eat potatoes and do nothing. Go out for training”. He said too that all the people can do sport, wherever they come from, everyone have the right to be strengthened.

Another of the great events, has been the first IFBB ELITE PRO event within Arnold Classic Europe; the largest bodybuilding and fitness EXPO in the world, together with a professional bodybuilding championship under the acronym: IFBB ELITE PRO. This event reunited many lovers of bodybuilding, which was completed hours before the start of the show. In the Bodybuilding category Michael Krizanek became the first place, Sergey Serechsev triumphed in Classic Bodybuilding and Dmytro Horobets was the winner of the Physical Man category. The women protagonists of the night were Yana Kuznet, who got the first place in the Bikini Fitness category and Nicolett Szabo in Women’s Fitness.

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From the organization we want to thank the media for the magnificent coverage that Arnold Classic Europe 2018 has made. See you at the IX Edition of Arnold Classic Europe.