FESWC GAMES will be held at ACE18

The FESWC, in collaboration with OVER BAR and Burningate, celebrates its new tournament, “FESWC GAMES”, during the Arnold Classic Europe 2018 international event from September 28 to 30. THE FINAL BATTLES!!

The championship consists of freestyle battles 1vs eliminatory, where the competitors will face until there are only two athletes in the final (both male and female competition).

The male winner and the female winner of “THE FINAL BATTLES” and the “MMCC CHAMPIONSHIP” will have as a prize a trip to Italy to compete in the final of the INTERNATIONAL BURNINGATE CUP 2019!!

To register, the organization will request a video of 1 minute maximum, without cuts or editing, to choose the best 20, and that these will compete in the qualifying rounds.

The maximum number of registrations is 20 male and 20 female.

Register now at https://feswc.org/feswc-games-2/