Bodypainting: a spectacular competition by Jan Tana

Bodypainting: a spectacular competition by Jan Tana

Another new feature that is waiting for us in the ACE 2018 is the impressive bodypainting comic theme we have prepared with Jan Tana company. They, in addition to being the official tanning and makeup company of our athletes, will offer this new activity- bodypainting show.

The colorful revolution began in the USA and, from there, they dazzled all participants at the last Arnold Classic Africa, with a contest titled “Reflections of Africa” ​​with 3,000$ in prizes. The artists contest became a real show where fitness models are the canvas interpreting different fantasies in their bodies, ephemeral in time, what did (and will do) about this trend, something very exclusive and special.

Jan Tana is a pioneer in this sort of performance, positioned at the top of this discipline, will bring to Barcelona another note of originality and creativity throughout the whole Arnold Expo weekend celebrating its top moment on a Saturday 29th contest. Don´t forget to visit them at the A25 stand.

The North American company has launched a challenge to European bodypainting artists, to join this color festival. Those who want to compete, just have to contact them in the email:

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