Big Ramy is the new Professional Bodybuilding champion

Big Ramy won the 2017 Arnold Classic Europe’s Professional Bodybuilding Championship, held in Barcelona for a second year in a row.

Full of fans, the Pro Show stage was filled with glamour with the presence of 16 great bodybuilders, with routines that caught people’s attention, and where Big Ramy’s performance turned out to be the best, according to the judges.

The competition lived up to the expectations of the attendants, who applauded and recognized the effort of all competitors. The final results are:

1.- Big Ramy

2.- William Bonac

3.- Shawn Rhoden

4.- Roelly Winklaar

5.- Nathan de Asha

6.- Maxx Charles

7.- Petar Klancir

8.- Victor Martinez

9.- Marek Olejniczak

10.- Fred Smalls

11.- Michael Lockett

12.- Gerald Williams

13.-Johnnie O. Jackson

14.- Manuel Cañadillas

15.- Jaime Atienza

16.- Mauro Pulido

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