AMIX NUTRITION, gold sponsor of the Arnold Classic Europe, was awarded as the best Sports nutrition brand A TU SALUD Awards, for its quality and innovation. This honor acknowledge all the effort and work that the company is doing to offer for athletes a product of the highest quality, endorsed by several doctors and nutritionists of great prestige.

Amix Nutrition is distinguished by its continuous search for being the best, using best ingredients and highest quality raw materials, as well as by using the latest and most advanced technologies.

The innovative and futuristic Amix Nutrition design helps distinguish your their from others. It clearly reflects their great sophistication and their attributes that complies with the necessary requirements to be appreciated in all Europe and around the world.

We can mention football teams from both highest and regional or local categories: -Club Deportivo Leganés; Football Club Fuenlabrada; -Club Deportivo Tháder. Amix Nutrition also collaborates with many other basketball teams: -UCAM MURCIA CB; Athletes: -Toni Abadía; Manuel Merillas; Paralympic athletes: Santiago Sanz Fifth Padel Players -Juan José Matea; Fitness athletes Dennis Wolf, Raúl Carrasco among others.

Amix Nutrition represents male and female athletes, amateur or professional. Thank you for your support and for your excellent participation in the latest edition of the ACE!