Would you like to advertise on the most successful magazine of the sector?

Now you have the chance to advertise your company in the most successful magazine of the fitness and bodybuilding sector and the only magazine that it is also releases on monthly basis!

If you own a company and you still don’t know the advantages that you can gain from advertising in our magazine, here are some reasons why you may consider investing in our magazine:

  • Target audience: a magazine will allow you to reach your target audience
  • Responsiveness of our audiences: magazines are known for their high responsive customers. The magazine quality provides authority and credibility to the advertising campaign.
  • Lasting advertisement: magazines provide you with a type of advertising that will stand the test of time.
  • Visual quality: the visual quality of the magazine is excellent because it is printed in high quality paper, which allows for superior reproduction of black and white pictures.
  • Sales promotions: the advertisers can choose from a wide range of sales advertising campaigns.

If you would like to use this opportunity to take advantage of the latest promotions and to advertise on the magazine Muscle&Fitness, please contact us at the following address: sponsors@arnoldclassiceurope.es

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