TUTORIAL: Ticket sales ACE 2017

The tickets for the Arnold Classic Europe, the biggest multisport event in Europe, went on sale the previous 10 of March. Through our website, you will be able to purchase your tickets for the two most attractive events of the fair: the EXPO ticket and the Pro Show Ticket.

Bellow we will explain you all the details about the different tickets that are on sale and how to buy them.  To begin with, the most important thing is to have the link, which you can access from any platform: http://arnoldclassiceurope.es


The EXPO covers most of the fair, and It is where you will be able to find booths from the main fitness brands of all over the world. Furthermore, there you will also find different sports championships and the amateur bodybuilding championship too.

The EXPO will have a duration of three days (22,23 and 24 of September) and therefore you have two different purchasing options:

  • One day ticket (valid for any given day): 20 EUROS
  • Three days EXPO ticket (valid for the three days): 30 EUROS


Even though it is also part of the Arnold Classic Europe, the professional bodybuilding show is not part of the EXPO, unlike the amateur championship. In order to assist to this great show, which will take place the 23 of September in the evening, an additional ticket will be needed.

We have three VIP packages for the Pro Show. They come not only with a great seat for the pro show, but also with a ticket for the EXPO. These are the packages:

  • VIP I (Pro Show + 3 days EXPO ticket) -> 180 euros
  • VIP II (Pro Show + EXPO ticket for Saturday 23) -> 150 euros
  • VIP III (Pro Show + EXPO ticket for the Saturday 23) -> 120 euros

If you do not wish to attend the EXPO, or if you wish to combine the EXPO ticket with a cheaper Pro Show ticket, these are the prices. Please, keep in mind that if you buy one of these tickets and you also wish to attend to the EXPO, you will need to buy an additional ticket to do so. The options are the following ones:

  • General I ->80 euros
  • General II -> 60 euros
  • General III -> 30 euros

General remarks

  • The number of tickets for the Pro Show are limited. Furthermore, tickets from the centre will run out faster than tickets from the sides. If you really want a ticket for the Pro Show, don’t leave it for the last minute!
  • When you enter our Pro Show sales platform, first you must choose your seat. If you buy the ticket without choosing your seat, the system will randomly assign you one, which may not be of your liking. Please find below a picture as an example.
  • Sometimes you may have problems to access the platform. Those problems could be caused by your internet browser or by the device that you are using to access the platform. Should any problem arises, first we recommend you to try a different browser or device. If that does not solve your problem, you can always contact us though our social media or write us an email to the following address: tickets@arnoldclassiceurope.es
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