PROCELL presents its dessert line LIGHTCELL

It’S a pleasure to officially present the LIGHTCELL line of protein desserts at the next edition of the Arnold Classic Europre.

LIGHTCELL is incorporated into the PROCELL group, where the family grows day by day with lines designed to give other types of healthy products and for athletes, besides the traditional sports supplementation.

It has been a long way to get the awaited release of LIGHTCELL, but we are 100% sure that we have created the best formulation possible. A clear example is our FlanCell (0% sugar, 0% fat, without lactose and gluten), with 15 grams of protein per flan and with less than 1 gram of carbohydrate, with the best flavors and the most incredible textures on market.

We encourage you to taste LIGHTCELL and give us the reason why they are unbeatable. A product designed to delight the most demanding palates and focused on all audiences.

We hope you to have the pleasure of sharing the moment to taste LIGHTCELL with our team at the stand D20 of the Arnold Classic Europe.

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