Professional Bodybuilding Championship

Visitors will be able to enjoy the Professional Bodybuilding Championship to be held in FIRA GRAN VIA on Saturday 23rd September at 7PM and where we will enjoy once again of the best racing lines of world Bodybuilding and fitness, with a great staging and the best atmosphere, always with the presence of charismatic ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and IFBB PRESIDENT DR.RAFAEL SANTONJA.


  • 1st Dexter Jackson
  • 2nd Big Ramy
    Gives the prize: Marco Achille (Yamamoto)
  • 3rd William Bonac
    Gives the prize: Pablo Gómez (Last on red)
  • 4th Shawn Rhoden
    Gives the prize: Pablo Gamalero (Ponte más fuerte)
  • 5th Roelly Winklaar
    Gives the prize: Tadeusz Zarabski (Fitness Authority)
  • 6th Josh Lenartowicz
    Gives the prize: Binais Begovic (BMR)
  • 1st Oksana Grishina
    Gives the prize: Rudy Panatta (Panatta)
  • 2nd Whitney Jones
    Gives the prize: Jan Tana (Jan Tana)
  • 3rd Regina Da Silva
    Gives the prize: Alexei Shapurov (VP LABS)
  • 4th Tanji Johnson
    Gives the prize: Ameneh Bazaz (King Rox)
  • 5th Diana Monteiro
    Gives the prize: Rafael Rodriguez (Oss Fitness)
  • 6th Fiona Harris
    Gives the prize: Andre Suarez (ON)