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Skating Club is an ice rink made on 1974 and is located on Barcelona’s downtown. Is one of the few ice rinks that opens the 365 days of the year. Once you’re inside, you can enjoy ice skating limitless within the bussiness hours.

In this ice rink you can learn how to ice-skate or show you ability if you already know how to do it. Also, we offer classes for everybody and if you like, you can celebrate your birthday, your bachelorette’s party or any celebration in a original and fun way.

Our Skating school was established on the 70s to meet the demand of people who wanted to learn how to ice-skate. Over the years we introduced new techniques, games and activities for students can learn easily, having a great time.

Our courses are designed for all ages and levels, from those who have never skated to those with an advanced level. Skating helps develop coordination, laterality and balance, promoting knowledge and relationship among students in a friendly and healthy environment.

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