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Heracles is a sport that seeks the best performance in each of the main manifestations of force: maximum force, force power, strength and force in relation to body weight.

The competitors has 30 minutes to complete the four challenges, making the challenges up to their choice:

DEADLIFT (1RM): Uprising in which the highest possible output power at low speed and moderately technical component is generated.

POWER CLEAN (1RM): Movement characterized by a demonstration of as much force as possible in a short time (potency) with a high technical component.

EXTREME CHIN UPS (Maximum number of rep): Exercise traditionally used as the most representative of force in relation to body weight. The technical component is middle-low.

KETTLEBELL SNATCH (5 minutes): One of the own-uprisings of Girevoy Sport, which measures the strength of the participants, with very high technical demands in order to obtain maximum performance.

The final score is established based on the competitor’s weight, the weight percentages lift related to his body in each test or in the case of the kettlebells, a multiple number that considers the chosen kettlebell weight and the athlete’s weight.

Each contest has a specific scale of 25 points, created in collaboration with the Laboratory of Physiology of the INEF of Madrid, so the relative percentage of each challenge in the final score is the same.

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