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Due Fit is a new concept that involves a spacious fitness area equipped with modern fitness machines and a great variety of activities that can be either in-person or virtual.

The fitness area is divided into several parts, with functional training, metabolic training and a stretching area. There will be an area with group activities where you will be able to practise new trends such as Zumba, Body Pump, Combat, Radikal, Step and Pilates, among others. There will be also a sound-proofed and air conditioned Indoor Cycling room, with modern bikes where you will be able to choose between face to face activities and virtual ones.

Duet Fit centres organises a wide range of outdoor activities such as running and triathlon. Furthermore, they are also equipped with modern changing rooms and lockers, and a wifi area where you can rest or work.

There is also a “lunch club”, where the members can prepare meals or rest from the physical activity.

Members of Duet Fit club can benefit from these advantages with total flexibility, unrestricted time and with very affordable prizes!

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