Category “Wellness Fitness”in ACE 2017

A few months remain for the seventh edition of the Arnold Classic Europe and we are already working to double the success we achieved last year in Barcelona.

One of the well-reviwed attractions was the Amateur Bodybuilding Championship. We established a record of attendance of more than 1200 athletes, who were delighted with the organization of the event.

For this year, the idea is to increase the number of participants in the 57 categories that we have been set. That’s the reason why we have added a new IFBB modality: Wellness Fitness.

First contested in the 2014 Arnold Classic Brazil, this modality quickly surpassed its period of test and jumped to 2016 south American championships with great success. This positive experience made the IFBB World Congress approve Wellness for all competitions. This year, in addition to being in the European Championships, we will have it in the ACE.

This category aims to reach athletes who practice the healthy lifestyle of fitness and train with weights, but don’t find their ideal space for morphological characteristics in other official female modalities, such as Bodyfitness, Bikini, Fitness or The Women s Physique.

Wellness are looking for women that don’t have a physique of lean structure, but in which their facial beauty and their work in the gym can be noticed. Under this definition, given that the ACE Amateur is open to athletes from all continents, it seems evident that a new increase of participants will be collected.

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